Innovation and tradition

Throughout their history, Bailleul Laboratories have constantly been innovating to incorporate the latest scientific progress in their products and take all customer expectations into account: Patients, Consumers and Health Professionals.

Improving our Patients’ quality of life is at the heart of our concerns at Bailleul Laboratories. They have studied the natural life cycles of skin and hair more specifically.

Bailleul Laboratories have incorporated this cycle idea into their outlook on Patient care. They offer solutions that are adapted to the 4 key prevention stages below:

Working with healthcare professionals, Bailleul Laboratories have also participated in significant dermatology break-throughs, such as the role that cigarette smoke plays in hair loss and demonstrating the preventive action of cystine combined with vitamin B6, or even developing the Doxycycline indication for treating rosacea.

Bailleul Laboratories dermocosmetic products are formulated in strict compliance with a rigorous formulation charter that guarantees tolerance, effectiveness and optimum pleasure of use.

Before going on sale, their effectiveness and their tolerance are rigorously assessed by a wide variety of tests and clinical studies carried out under dermatological and/or ophthalmological supervision by independent companies: safety tests, usage tests, effectiveness tests, gynaecological tests.