Dermatological expertise for sensitive skins

For the balance and comfort of all sensitive skins

Our brand Apaisac is composed of 3 ranges: skins prone to redness, mixed to oily skins and dry and damaged skins.

Manufactured in France and available in pharmacies, Apaisac care products have been designed to support the needs of the most sensitive skins.

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Sensitive skin is uncomfortable and often difficult to live with. It overreacts to the most ordinary stresses: it feels tight, tingly, or turns red.

Some individuals have skin that is sensitive by nature and it remains so throughout their life. However, this type of skin tends to react less with age, particularly after menopause for women.

In other individuals, the skin has only periods of sensitivity, in winter for example: cold plus dry air from indoor heating can cause reactions that naturally fade as the warmer weather returns.

A combination of appropriate skin care and good habits can limit skin reactions:
- Learn to identify the factors that trigger your skin reactions and avoid them whenever possible.
- Never wash your face with soap, as it is too harsh. Avoid exfoliants and scrubs, as these are too rough for delicate skin.
- Only use skin care products and make-up specifically formulated for sensitive skin, i.e. products that are hypoallergenic and contain no fragrances or preservatives.

If your skin still reacts despite these precautions, see a skin specialist.