The Femilyane woman is 15, 25, 45 years old and over. She is serene, feminine, independent and modern. She speaks for all women.

    In her youth, Femilyane evolved alongside Biorga. Today, she becomes independent and proudly expresses her personality.

    This emancipation allows her to embrace her complex life as a woman with peace of mind. Femilyane attaches great importance to her well-being. Attentive to her beauty, she takes care of herself using dermo-cosmetics and food supplements. And because a healthy woman is radiant, she will be followed medically during major events in her life such as contraception, pregnancy or menopause. 



    Therica takes care of her family with over-the-counter products and prescription drugs, which treat everyday aches and pains. By providing simple and quick solutions, Therica is comforting, accessible and autonomous.